You have got to know that you have just tripped over a Juicy diamond waiting to be squeezed from the world wide Web Award Winning Jazz Artist Rob Juice .

Rob Juice is the best example of an evolutionary jazz Artist that introduces a avant-garde marriage between Nu-soul and Nu*Jazz sprinkled with some Funk and marinated with some Smooth Jazz for taste.

Juice says he’s flirtatiously true to the Miles Davis tradition of trumpet players that custom create their own genres rather than fit into one. He also says he writes Music in Color, and Blurs the line between ART and JAZZ and takes that even further

He calls it ‘JAZZ YOU CAN TASTE’

When Juice confesses that he will make his horn beg, trust me, you have never heard anyone beg so sensually sweet as he blows his circle breath of passion into every silky note….

Rob Juice Style is as recognizable as Deep tan lines on the best body found under the melting sun.

The exclusivity of Rob Juice’s unique Music writing style and his smooth Trumpet style affords him the luxury of creating his own genre with absolute privacy! Believe me NOBODY íS DOING the “Devilishly Sensual Jazz” NOBODY but Rob Juice!!


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